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nozzle check stampato a metà


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Do you see on paper bottom black printed message "Nozzle Check 2021/07/......." ?

This printer printhead unit has two parts. Each part has 4 heads. Each head has two channels.

One part of your print head unit doesn't print at all. It is almost impossible, that here 4 heads ( 8 channels ) are clogged, all 4 FFC broken/disconnected, or all 4 inks not supplied to second part. Anyway check all that.

Probably on second print head unit missing control signals. Can be not working printhead drive pcb, or main control pcb.
Also can be, that something is blocking ink from second printhead unit ( for example piece of paper ) , but this possibility is low. Half of printhead unit has 8 channels, so not so easy to block all of them.

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