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Kodak Kiosk 8.1 in Windows 7/10 (Videos)


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- Kodak Kiosk Software KPK ver. 8.1 (for G4 system or any PC)

IMG-20190130-WA0007.thumb.jpg.137f855e9fa8f8e71ccc74d7c7ff7467.jpg   g3c.png.307fccd730271e20b2f342862ef3019f.png    3-1.png.fc1e57a8ce7aacc400fce21104177c20.png


Kodak Kiosk Software KPK+ ver. 6.0 (for G4XL system or any PC)

   Kodak-G4XL-FotoKiosk-KPK-v60.jpg.5a3a93c2c9bc2d91a8fc1ace8a9eebca.jpg  IMG_20190517_094025.thumb.jpg.2087e39c2af96f5ee2abed06b28223ff.jpg


- Kodak Kiosk 8.1 in Windows 7/10 (in Kiosk or any PC)

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/101oky0qLsf0j7JDk2-5-GWrWF-aULQqi/view?usp=sharing

- Kodak Kiosk 8.1 in Windows 7/10 with AirPrint Functions and Nortitsu 3702HD Printer  (in Kiosk or any PC)

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aFitdbb4fb8VSPtPAqcOHiSlFXlxgS0H/view?usp=sharing

Contact us: servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com

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