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DX100 Diagnostic Cleaning Failed

Danijel Kovacic

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When I start my dx100 i got message "clogged nozzle detected". Tried to do diagnostic cleaning but it failed - error w2306. Then I tried more then 3 time to do power cleaning but I still can't fix the problem. Yesterday after 2h of attepmt somehow i finnaly got diagnostic cleaning completed. Did anyone got that kind of problems? Pictures are printed with stripes lines

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This is the error in details


  • Code: W-2306
  • Description:Noise error
    Cannot perform [Detect Clogging] correctly. Delete all print jobs remaining in the operating system's print queue. Perform [Diagnostic Cleaning]. Contact service support if the error continues to occur.
  • Causes:• Foreign material is in the AID cap.
    • Insulation of a AID Unit worse.
    • The AID Unit is damaged.
  • Remedy:1. Perform the head cleaning.
    2. Check if there is any foreign object in the AID cap.
    3. Check if there is any foreign object attached on the Print Head.
    4. Check the status of the mechanism conducting and insulating state AID Unit.
    5. Replace the AID Unit if the problem is not solved.
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Do not use "Diagnostic cleaning" and turn off Periodic nozzle check. The internal system that monitoring for clogged nozzles is not reliable. 

Vapors from inks contaminate inside of the printer causing false alarms. Print regular nozzle check and act accordingly if problem.

Start always from Normal cleaning and do not perform cleanings one after another. Wait 10-15 min between.  Avoid Strong cleaning.

Clean the waste ink pad on lower platen. That is from where you get "black" ink on the back side of the prints and most probably false clogged nozzle alarms.



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