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Noritsu 3411


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The reason it doesn’t show when you cover the laser is because there is nothing to develop as the prints will be white with no exposure. The laser can’t cause such a mark.

Most likely it is something in the wet section causing it. Probably it will be happening in or around the CD or BF racks.

Check the condition of crossover rollers before the BF rack (No.3 crossover on a 3411) Check the exit rollers of the No.1 rack and the entrance rollers of the No.2 rack (the paper crosses between the racks inside the tank on the 3411)

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Nothing really. I didn’t notice until the customer pointed out all his print have marks on them. Someone here local tech suggested there might be an grounding issue where the sparking might cause the issue. 
I will check further on Monday and check the condition of the rollers. Thank you!

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