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DKS1530 paper jam without physical reasons.


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DKS1530 after LCD change. PRNU, Piezo done when I moved to optic positionning and paper settings machine started to do "paper jam" between expo and printer without any physical reasons. 

PRNU is printing ok but cannot print pictures in normal way - everything is shifted 15mm forward and 2cm down. also have huge problems with expo plane scaling and paper offsets. never had issue like that. where could I make mistake ?

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Issue solved.

Replaced papertransport.ini and optique.ini with backup files, redone the settings.  Found the reason ... during lens centering I was fooled by the resolution description on the center square - instead 10p I took 50p per line. Errare humanum est - I serviced this machine 5 years ago... despite instruction, lot of know-how blended in memory. 

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