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V30 Power 1 PCB replacement


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hello, we have an issue with a power surge that caused this to the power 1 board. Our power in the unit flickered and the breaker for the v30 tripped, when flipping it back on to try to finish the cycle we had some smoke come from the machine and immediately turned it off. 
upon inspecting with the cover off the only visible damage is included on the photo attached. 

wanted to ask has this happened to any of you before? We really should have been using a Ups. The burnt parts on the board is the power supply surge circuit. Is there likely damage beyond that?  Any tips for replacing the power 1 board? It looks plug and play for the most part.

For those using surge protectors or UPS with their V30 is there one you can recommend that would work well for the machine. 

appreciate any tips



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USED pcb [ ONLY 1 while stock last ]  with me Hong Kong.  Please send me email if interested so I reply you with PCB photos.   

My email address  davidlam@sinopromise.com.  In your email tell me country to go for me to estimate air-freight.  PCB net weight 879 grams & size 30 x 19 cm


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If these elements burned then your film processor got over-voltage. Other possibility, that film processor is connected using 4 wires circuit and Neutral was accidentally disconnected . In this case circuit instead 230 V got 380 V.

There are UPS to connect film processors and minilabs. Many minilab owners use them, when live in area where electricity is not stable.  

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