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Aussie Tech? - HS-1800A Noritsu 135/240MMC-II Slide Carrier


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Hi All,

Was lucky enough to obtain a HS-1800A yonks ago and it's pretty much mint cond.,
Working well for a long time with the the 135/240AFC and the 120AFC carriers - But I am looking for someone with tech experience to help focus the
Slide carrier 135/240MMC-II, I have access to the relevant focus charts from Noritsu Aus. 

Looking to pay for someones time who has experience with this model/carrier -  to focus the carrier and perform service/calibration etc

Based in Australia - PM if you think you can help.

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Nothing special there. To calibrate 135/240MMC-II used 135 lane chart. It is just mounted into metal. 

135/240MMC-II can have other problem related to focus. Slides are slightly different, so this carrier has focus correction circuit and it should work properly. It is not so simple. Used mirrors and other elements. 

If you do not know how to adjust main focus I can do it online. If there are problems with focus correction circuit then need to have carrier, so do something online is not possible.

Write private message, if need something.

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Cheers all - Yep that's the charts I have etc. Ran through the focus procedure etc, however I couldn't make head nor tale of the B,G,R measurements etc.. things were not looking like the service manual graphs, and I could only get so far before pulling hair out XD. Will dig deeper with some helpful members 🙂


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