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Epson D800 printing B/W Photos


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You cannot really get decent B/W from dye ink based color inkjet printer. Always will have some color cast due to ink migration. The only way is to create dedicated ICC profile by using high end colorimetric unit and high end software. But even then it requires certain amount of knowledge and the result will not last long.

if you need really good BW go for pigment inkjet with gray inks.

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The SL-D800 is always very green out of the box, not sure why as the D700 was usually fine. With every unit I setup is provided with a profile that gives excellent results.

There is only one black cartridge in these printers so B&W is never going to be a strong point but they do better than they should if used with a custom profile or at least a good canned profile. In all fairness no one should be using a printer to earn income if they're not using the correct profiles. It amazes me that so many photo labs/stores don't even understand what profiles are and often are not in use.

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