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Question about filling replenishing tanks

Mike Ross

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Hi All, 

I've recently gotten ahold of a v50 but am really new to the Noritsu system. I had someone help me set up the chemicals but they have not been helpful in answering my questions so I was hoping to get some clarity.

The individual told me that the machine will tell me when to add chemistry to the replenisher tanks - is this accurate? If not, would I just be adding the amount of chemistry depending on the replenishment rate x rolls processed on that day?

I know this may be a dumb question - but a vital one for me. Any help is much appreciated!



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The machine will tell you when replenisher tanks have less than approximately 1 litre of chemistry left in them.

The V50 replenisher tanks hold 11 litres, so when the tank tells you it is empty, there is enough room to mix 10 litres which is the common amount most chemistry is mixed to.

You can mix smaller amounts if you want to, as long as it is above approximately 2 litres the machine will be happy.

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2 hours ago, Mike Ross said:

@Dave SThank you so much for the confirmation. Is it the same for the water tank - will the machine let me know? Or should I be adding some daily?

Yes the same for the water tank.

The waste tanks will also tell you when they are full.

The machine is designed to be pretty foolproof!

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