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FUJI FRONTIER 355 "Cannot print" error message !!!!

M Hope

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Can anyone PLEASE help? We have a Fuji Frontier 355. The machine needed a new chemical pack adding. After adding the new pack, the chemical pack emptied as normal, but then came up with this series of error codes -


1. Error code E-2675 "P1R replenisher cleaning or dilution valve abnormal. Please consult technical representative. About 380 3R-size sheets can still be printed wihout rep"

After printing a little while longer it came up with error code


2. Error code W-2680 "Number of prints exceed limit. Stop printing"


I have taken apart and cleaned the two float switch valves in the photo attached (ringed in green) but it stills comes up with this error, and we cannot print !!!

The other attached photo, shows the P1R upper level and lower level have a "yes" next to them, which suggests they are fine according to the processor input check list.

Is there anything else I can do ??? Do you think one of the two float switches need replacing (which I am finding a nightmare to get anywhere)?


Regards Michael 







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If you have E-2675 error can be that not properly work:
P1-R replenishment pump(PU741)
P1-R replenishment stirring valve(S743)
P1-R cartridge washing valve(S740)
P1-R upper level sensor(FS740)

W-2680 means, that printed amount, when P1-R replenishment tank should be empty, but it is still full.

Your P1 replenishment doesn't work properly. Drain replenishment tanks. Wash replenishment tanks, pumps, sensors and whole replenishment system. Then force fill replenishment tanks ( install new cartridge and perform “PROC.INST.MODE” - “INSTALLATION” - “MIX REPLENISH”. ) . After that calibrate replenishment pumps ( 0640 Pump Output Measurement/Setting menu ) .

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