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ROS - raster output scanning.
VCSEL - vertical cavity surface emitting laser.

Probably question is about JROS on Fuji 5xxx. There connected all laser parts, except laser heads and AOM crystals. What doesn't work depends on exact error number. Can be not working polygon, synchronization sensor, fans, shutter, LDD board. or bad connections.

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On 8/29/2021 at 10:46 PM, Minilab service said:

Probably question is about JROS on Fuji 5xxx

Question is about error E-2522 on Fuji LP2000 (running fe softwares).

I believe laser unit is ok (all the 3 LD and PD current can't be 0μA at the same time !), LDD20 (same error with 2 different LDD20 bobards !) and Power Supply are fine. Remains only THA20 that is no certain. Manual says something about changing the ROS and I don"t understang the meaning.

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Might be you read about different minilab model Need read troubleshooter for Fuji 350, 355, 270. 375.
E-2522 means B laser(B-SHG) current exceeded. LD current value limiter is detected. Can be abnormal B Laser(BSHG) menu data, bad connection on connector LDD10, trip CP805 on LDD20 circuit board, LDD20 circuit board malfunction, or B laser head is not working. 

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It end up be the alpha 400 was not stable. I change the alpha 400 with another one and all the laser value reappear. The machine is printing but it is not still stable.

Else I suspect this DC power supply for downloading failure at the end of S9 installation.

Please let me use this opportunity and ask for anyone to explain me the step by step power startup sequence for LP2000.

Thank toi.

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