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Hi to all

I recently changed paper type from fuji to lucky, and now I want to perform initial setup based on lucky paper but I am not sure which option to choose when prompted to choose the paper type, I used to select crystal archieve type one with fuji papers, when scrolling the list I only find LUCKY SA2, LUCKY SA5, LUCKY SA6, LUCKY SA10 AND LUCKY SA20, the list goes on  But unrelated with lucky (to my opinion). The paper I bought is Lucky SA26. Which way to go now.


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Lucky SA-26 is only for HD Noritsu printers ( QSS370xHD, QSS3704G, QSS3801, QSS3801G, QSS390xG ) . Noritsu has profile only for these minilabs. It is profile number 190 . Profile is on latest Profile data Vol.3, but see this paper only when profile installed on HD models.

Other Lucky papers :
SA-5- profile number 139
SA-6 - profile number 173

SA-10 - profile number 152
SA-60 - profile number 191

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Hi. I have a Noritsu 3501 ibeam 


bit the latest lucky profile I have is 152-sa10

wich I am using with paper lucky sa60


do you have the newer profiles ? How do I install them ?


another question. Do you set up

different setup magazines for glossy and Matte finish? 

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Hi Chaska Photo !

Theotretically No!

LUT tables for papers other than FUJI are not available. In practice, many shops have been doing this for a long time. For example, all the KODAKEXPRESS chain members that had FUJI machines and KODAK paper.

Simply print using one of the available channels for FUJI paper. Just get white balance when calibrating for a given paper magazine. 

The only thing you have no influence on is the color gamut you will get in the pictures. For the customer, it will be a specific aesthetic "taste" of this paper...

There is another problem:

In my experience, Lucky and FUJI paper do not tolerate alternating developing in one machine ( the same developer tank ) very well. Just like KODAK and FUJI papers. Lucky has a lot in common with the original Kodak paper. Of course, nowadays sometimes you have to do it. Depending on the proportions of one paper and the other, the machine will change the color balance. This will have to be corrected more often than normal.

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