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NCE mode issues - 3904


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We print a fair amount of images with fine lines on them. Either white on dark or dark on light. Sometimes after an emulsion change this gets all messed up and the lines glow either green or magenta (could be cyan/red).

If we do an NCE mode test print you can clearly see it. But correcting on the NCE screen seems pointless as it clearly changes sometimes when you do an emulsion change - though sometimes it gets in a rut and won't change it.

What is the NCE stuff? it is somehow related to fringing around the edges of things, but why would it change when an emulsion change is done?

We saw this on a 3101 a lot - and would just keep doing emulsion changes until it went away. Now after 2 years with a 39 we are seeing it happen again. For the most part it has been fine up until recently, I'm sure it was changing but never enough for us to notice much.

I also think I can see it on the emulsion change prints - the last few stripes before it is solid black look fairly obviously green or magenta. I can also see on the screen when it shows the readings that it can tell the colors for those stipes are not correct but it doesn't seem to care.

The weird thing is we run both 10" and 11" luster fuji ca and the 11" is perfectly fine but the 10" is terrible. The emulsion numbers on the paper are actually the same at the moment - so they are the same batch of paper. I don't get how they can be different NCE prints on the same machine.

A couple days ago we rebalanced the paper type for fuji CA and it was fine for a couple days. But now it is screwed up.

Any ideas? what exactly is NCE? is NCE also the same as the Black Balance? I think our control strips look good (not plotting them but keep them to compare to each other). I can't see how the chemicals can be it as one paper width is fine the other is not.

1 pic shows a good emulsion print with a bad one where you can see it shift green - but the machines said that it was balanced.

Other pic is of nce print - not a great photo but you can see the gray bars at the top are very green.





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