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🆘 SOS FujiFilm FP563SCAL not having power at all


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Good morning everyone, 

I bought from Mini Lab Experts the film processor FP563SCAL and it arrived a few weeks ago. I had to ask an electrician to change the single phase system to a triple phase 4 wire system as our warehouse runs with three-phase. 

Now the problem is that when I turn on all the breakers (the breaker installed on the wall, the three 3 internal breakers, the breaker on the side of the processor) and the main switch there is no power at all. 

Does anyone in the room have any idea what could have happened if in theory all the cables are installed correctly, the rotary phase is correct and the voltage is correct? 

If not, does anyone have the FP563SCAL service manual? I have the installation manual and the huge 400 page manual that has the explanations and errors of the processor but neither of them mention anything about this. 

I am contacting several fuji technicians but still no one has found the solution. 

Please, I need help  

Many thanks in advance, 



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Hope you connected correctly. Even if you use three phase to film processor should be supplied only 240 V ( 3 x 240 V ) . In other words used three voltages between Neutral and Phases ( 1, 2 and 3 ) .

If your electrician connected to film processor 380 V ( voltage between phases ) then your film processor was burned. Might be burned power input circuit, power supply ( Alpha ) , or something else.

You should ask engineers before connection to three phase circuit. If didn't get information from your Fuji engineers you could ask me. You did not it.
Connections should be on instillation manuals. Just need look more carefully. I have FP563SCAL service manual and part list, but if you didn't find information on instillation manual then other manuals will not help also.

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