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suitable installation and operation condition for qss 3001


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I have experienced operational difficulties in my lab during hot days and hours, the lab displays errors such as 6073-003, 6073-002, and sometime 6073-001 (synchronous sensor error), swaped in vain the AOM drivers,and replaced the laser drivers with no lucky. When the lab is switch of for sometime to cool,it then work fine untill exausted again one of the error recurs, the machine is installed against two walls, one facing the back side and the other facing the left side of the machine, the room is very compact with small free space left. Can these condition cause any trouble to the lab? Or is it possible some errors reported to be caused by software issues, so a clean reinstallation of the system can solve the issue

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It sounds like the machine is overheating. It is unlikely to be a software related issue.
Check all the cooling fans are operating and are not clogged with dust.

The machine likes the same temperature as we do, so if it is too hot for you, it will also be too hot for the machine!

There should be a minimum of a 90mm space between the back of the machine and the wall, on the left side there should be a minimum of 500mm for a single magazine machine and a minimum of 197mm for a duel magazine machine.

These air gaps are important for air flow and maintenance purposes.

Maybe consider getting a portable air conditioning unit to keep the lab cool enough.

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