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🆘 PLEASE HELP! Can't find ANYWERE Fujifilm CN-16S N1 Start Up Chemistry 5.2L


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Good morning,

This is Marina Llopis, the manager of the new analogue lab Analogue Wonderland located in High Wycombe, UK.

Our distributor in the UK SWAINS has had several problems in providing us with the following product: Fujifilm CN-16S N1 Start Up Chemistry 5.2L  (XC975003) and I'm desperately looking for 2 sets all over the globe.

It's the only thing I really need to start the lab so if anyone knows of a company that might have it, please let me know below. 

Thank you very much in advance 


CN16S N1 Start Up.png

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Two sets for FP563SCAL not enough. FP563SCAL N1 tank is 15.8 L, so need three sets. Two sets enough for smaller film processor ( FP363 ) .

Not so many film processors use CN-16S. It is used on Fuji FP363SC, FP563SC, FP150SC and Noritsu QSF-T15F, QSF-T15LV F

Fuji developer startup kit - 600005375, CAT No. 975003 . Kodak developer startup kit - CAT No. 8339723. Regarding Kodak information chemicals are fully exchangeable ( can add, mix, or change ) .  

If can't find in UK then Fuji developer startup kit can buy from Germany :

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On 9/29/2021 at 11:28 AM, Marinafromifwefilm said:

Hi there, 

Yes, I'll be using the Fuji FP 563SCAL and I have already 1 set in stock, that's why I'm after two more. 

I'm going to try Germany then! Thank you so much! 

Best Regards, 


If you still don‘t have enough I’m willing to deal with NC1 replenisher as these aren‘t available in Germany for now but start up I have enough. 😉

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