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QSS-3202 output paper NOT so white


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White - not exposed and processed paper. It depends only on paper and chemicals. In the dark area into control strip holder insert piece of paper. Then insert it into processor ( through control strip cover ) and process it. End of paper ( which was outside ) will be black and part of paper ( which was inside ) will be white. Then you can see the best black and white, which you can have with your paper and chemicals.

Upgrading software and profile you can just improve print on light area and make colors better. The latest QSS3202 system software is version 10.0 and profile - 7.20 .

If your paper is white, if just processed ( inserted into processor ) , but have not white, when paper are supplied from printer then you have laser fogging. Need to do laser mechanical alignment, change AOM crystal, or even replace laser head ( if burned and on head output laser beam is very wide ) .


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