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In House Ordering Software


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I have a question for all.

Right now I have 4 Fuji DX100 printers in my studio and I have 2 photographers that work for me.  I am looking for an ordering software (in house not for online ordering) so i can do the printing myself. When we did sent our photos off to be printed we always used ROES software and really liked it. On the road we use Darkroom software for our event software. I am looking for an ordering software that can do packages beside individual photos and be able to send it to muli printers.  see example

1) Package A: one 8x10, one 5x7, four wallets .  ( 8x10's sent to one printer, 5x7's sent to another printer, wallets sent to another.

I am trying to speed up my work flow right now I am using Darkroom but I know there is a better way and much better software.

I have downloaded BlueFX but I still have to tell every photo what printer to be printed on.

I have tried Drylabs but I do not understand it.

Most of the times when I am doing ordering with Darkroom I am doing about 75 orders at a time (sports photos)

I do not know if this would be more of a kiosk software or a minilab software I am looking for.

Thank you in advance for your information.



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