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Classic black borders Frontier SP 3000


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Good morning,

We would like to know how you can have this result in scanning.682277954_Capturadeecra2021-10-31as09_18.09-2.jpg.59e1085c0a18cc27003faf78eb8e4bab.jpg149916919_Capturadeecra2021-10-31as09_39_15.thumb.jpg.9d231e8cb630550a5969a8f0998bef44.jpg

We would like to have the classic black borders where an example follows below.

Our questions are:

Only possible with manual carrier
MFC10Y or can we also with Auto carrier NC100AY?
If we manage to get a new part like this and increase the diameter can it be a solution?





The other question is:
How can we change the default magnitude in the scan:

For example, in the 135 M scan the standard magnitude is 9.27 and I need to change it to 8.30 more less but I always have to do it from photo to photo.
Is it possible to change so that you don't have to change from photo to photo?



Thanks a lot 



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