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BF Overheating issue

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Our Noritsu QSS 3211 is giving us more problems again. 

This time the BF is overheating and won't turn off when the safety thermostat is activated. The other day it got as high as 46C! We have replaced the pump and float switch with no success. Our next guess is the thermosensor or the heating element. We are not exactly sure where these plug in to and the manual isn't too clear. Does it connect to the J390878 board? Thanks for the help. 

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If the chemistry is circulating properly (you should see it swirling with the chemical filter removed) the problem is probably due to a faulty solid state relay (SSR) that controls the BF heater.

This is soldered to the relay board which is in the control box below the dryer.
SSR 2 is for BF.

J/P516 is the connector for the Thermosensors. Yes it connects to the Processor control PCB (J391259, J391358, or J390878)

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Hace 3 horas, Dave S dijo:

Si la química está circulando correctamente (debería verla girando con el filtro químico eliminado), el problema probablemente se deba a un relé de estado sólido (SSR) defectuoso que controla el calentador BF.

Esto se suda a la placa de relé que se encuentra en la caja de control debajo de la secadora.
SSR 2 es para BF.

J/P516 es el conector para los termosensores. Sí, se conecta a la PCB de control del procesador (J391259, J391358 o J390878)

I still have problems with the temperature but on a 3501f
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