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Loss of image information in bright areas on minilab QSS-3705F


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Please tell me how to fix the problem:

When printing on Lucky sa-60 photo paper, image loss occurs in light areas (example in pic 2)

As I understand it, when using this paper, it is worth setting 191 profiles, but our choice ends with “178 ultra endure hd“ (screen 1). Before switching to this paper, we used 17 Crystal A N.

EZ controller 6.11 / Profile data n 3.10 is installed on the machine

I had the opportunity to use I1Pro2 and tried to make the profile myself (using the i1Profiler program). To do this, in the Color Management Setting settings, I set OFF in all tabs and then printed test targets (about 1200 box). Made a double-sided reading and created three profiles M0 / M1 / M2 setting the light source at 5500, 16 bits with a large table and choosing the 2nd version of the ICC Profile.

After that, in the Color Management Setting settings in the Input Profile Setting tab, I indicated the profile I created (I tried all 3 options), I also indicated it in the Printer Profile Setting tab. After these actions, the printing improved somewhat, but the problems in the light areas did not go completely (example in pic 3).

screen 1.jpg



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What is your minilab model - Noritsu QSS3705F ( Fuji LP7900 ) , or Noritsu QSS3705 HD F ?

For Lucky SA-60 really profile number is 191. It can see only on new profile versions and when minilabs are newer.
Newer profile versions have more profiles, than your old version.
For QSS3705F the latest profile number is 187 ( Fuji Crystal Archive Velvet ) .
For QSS3704G, QSS3801G, QSS3901G, QSS3904G  the latest profile number is 191 ( Lucky SA-60 ) .
It is possible slightly edit QSS3705F profile list and force to have 191 profiles there.

Check chemicals. CP-49 is very fast process, so chemicals should be correct to get good results.

Is your calibration plate new type ( ceramic ) , or old ( plastic ) . If old might be is time to replace it. Noritsu recommended replace plastic calibration plate each three years.

Which minilab system software do you have? Version 12 and newer have highlight balance adjustment menu ( automatic and manual ) . If calibration plate is old better to do it manually.

I think it is a time to upgrade your software. Now the latest EZ controller is 7.40, system software version 19 and profiles 4.8. I have all them.

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