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Drylab Software - API (automation)


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Hi guys 

Hope you're all doing well! 

I would like some recommendations regarding which drylab software would you recommend that has an open API or webservice. I'll be running 2 Fuji DE100 and all the photos will be coming from the internet, no walk ins. 

What is the recomendation when automating the printing? So I don't have to do it manually. 

Once again, thank you all for your support! 


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Hey guys some more info.. 

I'm struggling to understand how to automate the printing. Ideally, I would like to press a button and all the photos for that customer gets printed.

I was talking with the pixel-tech guys and downloaded the demo software, but in that case I would need to manually upload the photos from the server to the printing software and then print. 

In order to automate the printing workflow, do I need a software that has an open API so I can write a logic for printing?

Or, if I'm automating it, do I really need a dedicated printing software? Or can I just use the standard windows driver?

Some info about what I'm doing:

       - setting up a photo printing business

       - currently developing the website/app and all the workflows and printing flows

       - customers will upload their photos online. No walk-ins

       - 7 photo sizes will be available

       - will be running 2 Fuji DE100 that accommodates all the 7 sizes at once

Thank you for your knowledge!! 

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