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Fujifilm DX100 Ink Assembly Leak


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Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if someone can help, we've got an issue with one of our Fujifilm DX100 printers where the yellow ink is leaking from the Left Ink Assembly, Fuji have suggested that the assembly requires replacement but are suggesting that this is really BER, my question is in the absence of the ability to source genuine Fujifilm parts, is there a compatible Epson part number as the printer is virtually identical to the Epson SL-D700, my concern is if the part is serialised in some way in that it would reject the Epson part - I do have a copy of the service software so resetting/calibrating is no issue




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It is typical fault on printers, where used old cartridge holders. Cant say where to buy parts. Do not know where you from.

There are many shops, which sell parts over the world. 

Fuji DX100 I/H RIGHT MAIN ASSY ESL; ASP - Fuji p.n. FW16G1619768 , new p.n.  FW16G1730024
Fuji DX100 I/H LEFT MAIN ASSY ESL; ASP - Fuji p.n. FW16G1619778 , new p.n. FW16G1730025 

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