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3411 AFC/Scanner Control PCB & ARCNET


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Hello all,

I have a 3411 w/ SI-2400 & SP-2300. The machine has been having ARCNET issues for awhile now, and has finally gotten to the point where it is impacting startup. I have isolated the issue to the AFC/Scanner Control PCB causing interference in the system, as all other ARCNET connections work without errors when the AFC/Scanner pcb fiber is not plugged in - when it is plugged in the whole system runs at ~%60 errors when running arcnet selfcheck. 

I have a spare S-4 so have swapped out all the scanner power supplies to rule out them out. I have also trimmed all fiber cables clean and square. Now I believe it has to be the PCB itself.

The board in the machine is J390879-04, while the service manual calls for J391201. I also see there are several other versions J390879-(1 thru 4). I am wondering if all of these boards are interchangeable as I look for a replacement. 

Could there be anything else causing the ARCNET issues in the scanner unit outside of this PCB; like I said, the system only has trouble when this fiber is plugged in. 

Thank you! :)

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J390879-xx is the old vwesion / old part no. of J391201-xx and all are interchangeable。I saw you had already swapped out all the scanner power supplies.... you can swap the board also to see if error will go.   I have this board spare / remaining ..after our S4 upgraded to HS- scanner.  Lastly Noritsu had  supply discontinued this J391201-xx already. Good Luck.

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Yes, J390879 and J391201 . From 1 to 4 are revision numbers.

These boards also used on other scanners - S2, S3, or S4. Just after replacement need to run software upgrade from HD ( only for AFC/scanner control PCB ) and read backups ( for scanner and Auto Film Carrier ) .

Do not think, that board is faulty. Check do you have 5V on the board ( on J/P9 pin 1 ) . Also clean ARCNET connectors. In most cases connector cleaning is enough.
Remove ARCNET holders ( black and white ) . Then clean sensors well. Trim ends of ARCNET cables ( 90 degrees ) . The best to use special cutters ( for example Omron ) . Then assemble, connect back and test. 

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I am sorry for the long delay in responding. I replaced boards, but in the end it was in fact the fiber cables. I purchased a proper fiber trimmer to get clean cuts and was able to get arcnet working 100%. They sure were finicky!

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