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QSS-37 Invalid image format. Failed to read. HD


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Good morning,

I have a problem with the error 01517-00000 Invalid image format. Failed to read. HD The file is correct and I can read it on another machine. File in the attachment if someone can read Logs also in the attachment.

request for help. The problem is bothersome. It helps to restart the computer and update the machine(Controller ->button F -> Printer setting -> Select printer -> Detail Setting - button Update)



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I'm guessing there is some kind of software problem, either with Windows or EZcontroller.

In my experience it is often quicker to re-install Windows and EZcontroller again rather than trying to solve what the software issue is.
Of course it could be a hardware issue with the PC, something like bad RAM or a bad hard drive, bad network card/ cable etc.

Make a backup of the EZcontroller data, record the IP address and Subnet address for the PC and the QSS-37.

Install EZcontroller
Install Profile Data 3 + any option software
Install the Printer software
Load in the EZcontroller backup

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Just following up a bit late on this (if it hasn't been resolved). If this is the real file and this is the file name: 


You are getting the error because there is a .jpg. in the middle of the file. Rename the file and the printer should accept it. In general, most errors will be related to issues with the file name and/or extension, or it being some sort of new color profile. 

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Original file name is 9804203_30x40-prem_NEW_j_1_N_8936577_00001.jpg . Can see it on error log. Name become longer, when loaded on forum. Picture on forum has small resolution ( 96 dpi ) . Might be it was decreased also.

I loaded file from forum on my EZ controller ( version 7.41 ) and it was loaded without errors. If you can't load the same file ( 96 dpi ) then try reinstall EZ controller, or upgrade to latest ( 7.41 ) . Before re-instillation save EZ controller backup ( EZ controller data management menu ) and make backups for equipment which you have ( dry printers, minilabs, scanners ) .  

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5 hours ago, DonCorleone said:

The problem was inheriting an unsupported Apple Poppy color profile

Thanks for coming back and posting the cause of the problem.  It's always nice to finalise a post.

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