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Hola buenas noches, queria consultar si a alguien le paso el error indicado en la imagen, dezplazamiento del azul en el texto, solo se produce en papel LUKY, normalmente trabajo con papel FUJI CRISTAL y no tengo inconveniente, supongo que es un problema de ajuste del proceso con este papel, el problema esta en ambas superficies MATE O BRILLO, si alguien tiene información se lo agradeceria ya que debo terminar un trabajo y no encuentro solución .... Muchas gracias



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Hello good evening, I wanted to see if someone got the error indicated 
in the image, blue shift in the text, it only occurs on LUKY paper, 
I usually work with FUJI CRISTAL paper and I have no problem, I 
suppose it is a problem of adjustment of the process with this paper, 
the problem is in both surfaces MATT OR GLOSS, if anyone has information
 I would appreciate it since I have to finish a job and I cannot
 find a solution .... Thank you very much

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On Noritsu Lucky SA-26 and SA-60 papers can be used ONLY on high resolution printers. Noritsu has profiles only for these printers ( some from 37, 38 and 39 series ) .

Fuji doesn't have profiles for Lucky SA-26 and SA-60. Even updated R profiles do not have these papers. Fuji didn't make high resolution minilabs, so probably on Fuji Lucky SA-26 and SA-60 can't be used.

If you really want to use Lucky paper then can try SA-5, SA-6, SA-10.

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