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Does anyone know if a 3501 f can get the ez controller?

arche hernandez sanchez

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Here is not laser control pcb. It is printer I/F main PCB ( Noritsu p.n. J391391 or J391489 ) . The same board is for QSS3501 PLUS and QSS37 ( not HD models ) .
I/F board doesn't have USB connector. On board only LVPECL, LAN, ARCNET, power connectors and connector for capacity booster. 
Capacity booster type E is for QSS3502 PLUS ( two lanes printer ) . QSS3501 PLUS is single lane printer and capacity booster can't be used there.
QSS3501 and QSS3501 PLUS are not the same. The most boards on QSS3501 and QSS3501 PLUS are different.
You can use EZ controller with QSS3501. Do not need to change any boards. Just on original computer need to install connection software. Original computer should be with Windows 2000. After that on external computer can install EZ controller, connect LAN, register minilab and can to print.

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