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2901 Start up - throws circuit breaker


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I have recently moved the 2901 to another location (150m) and split the unit to move.

We retanked at the new locn, had some issues with stb 1 &4 pumps and replaced them as part of retanking the machine.

It started and we ran it ( but not putting production through it) for 3 days without issue. On Monday it was started up at 8.30am and then 10.00 it shut down and threw out the supply circuit breaker at our switchboard (not the one on the lab). Since then, if we start the machine up by turning the breaker on, the machine starts up but then throws the breaker after about 10-15 seconds.

I had an electrician test the supply and circuit whih was clean, so I am left to look at the Noritsu

I am assuming it is something starting up in the lab causing the problem. Suggestions on where to start looking ? What is the sequence of the startup? Was wondering about the heaters.

Kind regards


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