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Initial Data 4 Disk


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Does anyone have a copy of the Initial Data 4 Disk for QSS3300 systems? We would like to register an MMC-II carrier for the S2, but don't have any charts. Someone had the idea it might be possible to register the carrier with files contained on the disk and enter focus manually, like on the 120 carrier. 


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Initial data will not help. There registered only standard film carrier ( 135/240AFC-II ) . You need afc backup from QSS32xx - QSS35xx minilabs, where used all film carriers, which you need ( 135/240AFC-II, 120AFC-II, 135/240MMC-II and other ) . 
Before loading other data need to make your AFC backup. Also need to write focus values for all film carriers with all zoom rates. Need to enter them after loading new backup.

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