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LS-600 Sensitivity check


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Enclosed Sensitivity check graph of my LS-600 - it looks pretty strange (curves at the right end).
I cleaned it thoroughly and calibrated, but without any improvement. I noticed that changing to 240 Lane gives much better results (without any curves). Also turning on the Shading option flattens the curves. Believe it might be LED issue, but is there anything I can check further? Any ideas?


scan check.jpg

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As long as the curves flatten with the shading on I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
The most likely cause will be the LED unit itself.

It could possibly be bad alignment of the lens swing and tilt, however I would expect to see issues with the red and IR if this was the case.

The 240 Lane will only use the centre section of the LED so it will not show any issues as problem section is on the outer edge of the LED light source unit.

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