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File sorting order - MS01 10.0


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Hello everyone, 
I have an issue with the MS01 software. As shown on attached photos, the input files are not sorted correct in the MS01 software. In windows folders ( on the same computer as MS is installed), they files are sorted correct. The correct sorting should be 1,2,3, etc. As you can see, MS are sorting the pictures 0,1,10,100,101 etc. So basically all numbers with 1 first, and afterwards all with 2 and etc. 
The issue with the sorting is that the customers photos are mixed, and the sorting is not as the customer have ordered. 
I have tried to find some sorting settings in the MS software, but haven´t been able. 

Have anyone experienced this, and found a solution for the problem?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Sorting 2.jpg


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