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fuji Lp7700 p1 solution decreasing


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my p1 solution keeps decreasing in temperature while printing (fuji Lp7700)

then it gets below the temp requires & stops

it takes a while to heat up and doesnt even reach the required temp anymore


how do I fix this?

Give me guide on what to do

because i do not know what I am suppose to check

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your P1 temperature is not rising by P1 Heater (suppose Heatee Bad or bad Temp. control circuit )。

your P1 temperature possibly warmed up by adjacent tank heat with time ..

Once paper printing ... P1 temerature / heat lost (carried away) by cold paper running through P1 tank quickly and alarm . . ..   I think 

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Where is this connector sensor located?

Actually what does it even look like?

If its that float that goes up and down, seems to alarmed when I push it down

Do I have to drain the whole entire p1 solution in the tank?

Change heater or heater thermosensor? Don't even know where this heater thing is

Is adding to much water into p1 damaging the solution?

I think its overheating since the filter is melting

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