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2901 Magazzine registration error


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Good morning

I am having a problem I can’t resolve so far. when doing the 12in paper registration (Fuji PD) the initial print looks "normal" but the subsequent prints appear red toned with yellow bars and solid black as per the attached.
This has ocurred in  the past and moving the type and registration to another magazine number used to enable it to complete satisfactorily, but nothing I do enables any progress.
We relocated the machine and have new chems, are in control. Have tr-done the paper type setups (on 6in) but I cant get the 12in PD (our type 2) to setup and register on any magazine number as it goes as per the attached images.

Any wisdom from the    forum?

I am contemplating restoring data from earlier but wonder at the cause and if it will recur

Also how selective can a data backup/restore be? Can just the paper setup and/or magazine registrations be restored without disturbing the channels ? If so which files? I have been in the habit of doing service backups to HDD at after satisfactory full setup after milestone events - just in case,  but if there is a known cause it will still need to be addressed.
Thanks in advance

12 paper reg error210012022.jpg

12 paper reg error210012022_0001.jpg

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The cause is normally corrupt LUT data, possibly the colorimeter alignment needs adjustment, the easiest way to check it is aligned properly is, make a test print then feed it in to read, remove the colorimeter head, with a pen draw a circle around the hole each time the print moves, that way you can see if the circle is in the centre of the steps. Obviously don’t enter any correction value if it gives you one!

To correct the problem on the 12” type 2 paper on the paper magazine registration screen, change the number on 12” paper from 2 to 0, press yes, this will delete the registration data, then set it back to 2, press yes, and try setting it up again.

If that still doesn’t work, you may need to delete the type 2 paper registration data by selecting a different paper type, pressing yes, then yes to delete it, then setting it back to the paper type you need and setting it up again.

The other possibility is the profile data version is too old for the paper type you are using, I think the latest is something like version 7.20 now, others will know better than me as to what is the latest.

As for the backup data, it’s kind of all or nothing, it’s a bit tricky to swap individual data files on the 2901 as there is both the setup data as well as the uniformity data for each paper type.

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Thanks Dave S. Many of those measures I had already tried (changing magazine no., clearing paper type, putting in a different one and then deleting it and re entering the required type) In the past this has resolved the matter. I figure it was probably corrupt data of some type. It is not a new paper to us and has been calibrating satisfactorily for a number of years (Fuji PD)

Restoring full backups is always something I am reluctant to do because of changes to channels and we have mapped drives and we connect with 2x 3rd party programs for web orders as well which need to instruct the Noritsu based on channel data.

In the end today, out of boredom, I did a full service mode backup to HDD, then copied that folder (so I could keep a copy of the latest data in case things went pear-shaped)

I then copied Unf01nai, Unf02nai, Unf03nai, Unf01, Unf02,Unf03, BkData0400 and BkData0400_Mag from a backup from early last year (after a full workup and update had been done), into the copied folder overwriting the current version of those files.  I was hoping to preserve current config data but incorporate last years paper, uniformity, calibration, and Image Processing data which was working okay at the time. I then restored from that composite backup folder.

So far so good- papers were close on daily setup, and the 12in settled and registered after the first test print.  Uniformity was needed on all papers and done, but testprint colors all looked good.

A few prints I did before finish for the day looked good.

Fingers crossed there are no as yet unidentified problems as a result of the process. If you can see any potential problems I would appreciate a heads up.....



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