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it does not come out white if the photos are not creamy

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Good afternoon friends!! Someone will have any idea what is happening to me, I changed the bleach of my noritsu and I put a lucky one, but now the photos, the preview come out creamy as yellowish, that is, the white background does not come out. Someone will have any idea if the bleach solution I made has an excess of chemical or on the contrary it is missing more chemical. Thanks a lot.

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Hace 38 minutos, Agustín Betancourt dijo:

Buenas tardes amigos!! Alguien tendrá alguna idea de lo que me está pasando, cambié la lejía de mi noritsu y puse una afortunada, pero ahora las fotos, la vista previa salen cremosas como amarillentas, es decir, el fondo blanco no sale. Alguien tendrá alguna idea si la solución de lejía que hice tiene un exceso de químico o por el contrario le falta más químico. Muchas gracias.

it is excess of chemical
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Open processor. Then block processor cover sensor. Remove upper rack which is between CD and BF. Run processor. Take piece of paper ( no worries, that it get light ) . Insert it into BF rack. On output paper should be white. If it will be white then change CD ( probably was contaminated ) . If will be creamy need check BF ( temperature, replenishment rate ) , or even change it.

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