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MS01 is not minilab software. It is just printing interface. The latest MS01 version is 10.0. It is designed to work on W10 64 bit.

LP7700 system software is module named N1. This software was created by Noritsu for their Fuji branded minilabs. The latest N1 software - version 4.0. It was designed about 10 years ago to work on W7 32 bit. Not sure, if it can work on W10 64 bit. Might be work, but might be not.

With Fuji LP7700 can be used new and modern Noritsu software. Can print using EZ controller 7.41 , system software version 19, profiles 4.8 ( with new papers ) . On Noritsu software have good color balance on light tone. Software is modern and has many features, which are missing on Fuji software, which is very old. The most my customers instead Fuji software use Noritsu software.

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Hello and thank you for your advice and clarifications,

I have received financial proposals to change the fronted computer and install the new MS01 . I know everyone has to do business, but I think the price is exorbitant.
What kind of fronted computer do you use? CPU , RAM, Graphics card, ?  
I think a basic computer with 16 G0 of ram, a 250go ssd, a 3ghz cpu, 2GB graphics card and windows 10 would work fine ....?
Do you know the price of MS01 v10? I saw the price for EZ controller, is it a yearly license or for all time? 
Thanks for future information. 

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EZ controller has dongle. Can use it as long as you need. Can transfer dongle from one computer to other and it can work there. Noritsu software is new. All software designed to work on W10 64 bit. The latest EZ controller ( 7.41 ) was created at the end of last year. Minilab system software is new - version 19.

As I wrote before MS01 is just working interface. Version 10 can work on newer computer. New MS01 will not increase print quality. Minimal MS01 computer requirements are on instillation manual. Minilab system software will be the same ( version 4 ) . System software was designed to work on W7 32 bit, so it is question how it work on W10. System software was created about 10 ago. It is old and outdated, so have not new features, which can make better print quality.  


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