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Noritsu LS600 Strange Line


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Hi All,

We currently own a Noritsu ls600 which we have had for a few years now recently however there is a dark line being placed on the scans down the middle of the image. in previous situations we would take apart the scanner and clean the glass and this would solve similar issues however this line looks a bit different and seems to not go away upon cleaning. we ripped the whole scanner apart and even went as far as replacing the glass with one from another ls600 however to our surprise the line still seems to show up. we have no idea what can be causing this or how to go about fixing. Any ideas tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. i have attatched some scans below if youd like to take a look and get a better idea of what were dealing with and trying to fix.

thank you all so much. 


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Are you sure it is not on the film itself?

Does this only happen on black and white film? How are you processing your B&W? If you're hand processing are you using a squeegee? Those look like they could be marks from a worn squeegee - I've seen similar when hand processing.

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