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Tank Capacity For Noritsu QSS 3501


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The tank sizes are:

CD 13.6L
BF 13.9L
STB 26.5L (Total)

The mixing instructions will usually be on the box for the chemistry.
Look for Tank Solution.

All you do is times each value by the tank size.

For example

CD Rep 500ml    x   13.6=  6800ml
Starter 45ml       x   13.6=  612ml
Water 455ml       x   13.6=  6188ml
                                   Total 13600ml (13.6L)

Manufactures regularly change their mixes so it’s always best to use the values on the box

When they mention Rep they mean concentrate + water to make replenisher, do not use pure concentrate unless it specifies to do so.

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