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Fuji Frontier 350 make mix without a starter kit, no white color


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i have big problem.

start the Fuji Frontier 350 without a starter kit.

I get this mixture:

CP48 P1
How to make P1 for a 12,7L working tank (Frontier 350/355/370/375/390)
1. Take 20L plastic bin and pour there 7,8 L of clear water.
2. Add there 3,9 L of replenisher developer (Р1-R) - you can take it from the CP48 cartridges or from CP-47L P1-R (2 cans * 2,5L is enough).
3. Add to this mixture 3,9 L of the water (instead of a starter)
4. Mix it manually with any stick.
5. Pour the mixture into P1 tank.
Discard exceeded solution.

CP48 P2
P2 for Frontier 350/355/370/375/390

1. Water - 6,5L
2. Р2-RA -3,25L
3. Р2-RB - 3,25L
4. Pour in the working tank.
Discard exceeded solution.

Do not forget to perform calibration. <--- I think this is temperature calibration. I don't know what is mean.


1) foto i print after put this mixture.

2) foto i make temperature calibration, with termometer set temp.


Now i have green, not white... Can you help me ? What wrong with my mixture. Please help me.

Thank you.
Sorry, for my bad english.



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