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3703HDF Heater Cartridge


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Hello all. I had the P1/CD heater fail in our 3703. According to parts list it is I029120-00, but I am unsure what the wattage is. I took a CD heater off of a 3805 RA printer, and it appears to be a much more powerful, temps can very quickly jump to +0.7c or more. 

I have the 3805 parts machine, would any of the other heaters be a more ideal swap?

Thank you!

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Thank you Dave! There is no printing on any of my heaters. Is there some sort of service document listing the wattage on the Noritsu heater cartridges?

Do you know if any of the heaters in a 3805 are 400W?

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Unfortunately I don't have any manuals for the 38 series so can't tell you.

All I can suggest is to measure the resistance of the heaters on the 3805.

A 400W heater will be approximately 150 Ohms.

There are 3 larger heaters Noritsu use

600W (100 Ohms)
800W (74 Ohms)
1000W (60 Ohms)

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