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Fuji SP2000 NC135Y not feeding film


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Hi all,

Strange issue that is occurring, my SP2000 has the NC135Y carrier which has worked for years, it had rollers replaced and this allowed the film to be fed, now it won't feed the film at all, the rollers are spinning and they advance with the manual advance wheel but for some reason when inserting film to be scanned it just does not get fed into the carrier. It makes the noise as if it were trying to grab it and if I force the film enough it 'kind of' grabs it but it can't bring it any further. Is this a motor issue or is it the rubber rollers that were replaced?


Any help appreciated.




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Test film carrier without film. Go to output check and run drive motor. If will be the same noise - slightly open film carrier cover and run motor again.

If without film all good then remove film carrier from scanner. Then by hand rotate motor shaft, insert film, continue rotate motor and look where film advance stop, or become tough. Open film carrier cover and look what is wrong there.

Noise can be if motor overloaded, motor is faulty, or motor driver doesn't work well. 

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