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White line on photos Minilab Frontier 500


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Hi Danijel. There must be something in the exposure section in that spot. The exposure slit is somewhat difficult to get to as it is under the laser unit, so you'll have to remove it.

I'm not sure of any other way to clean dust in this section, maybe someone else does?

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Hace 10 horas, Danijel dijo:


Tengo un problema con la línea blanca en las fotos... Traté de limpiar toda la máquina con compresor para el polvo, pero todavía aparece una línea blanca en las fotos.

¡Gracias de antemano!



in the area where it exposes it would have a lint or dust and it is what is marking the white line
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The source to this is the tape that you remove from the paper roll when you load new paper in the papermagazine. If you remove it quick some of the glue remains on the paper and then get stuck on the small rolls just before the exposure opening. After a while you will get a coating of glue that catches fiber from the paper. 

You will have to lift the laser unit to clean the roller. 

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