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Quality difference between C41 and C41RA and selecting right film processors


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Hello. I'm looking into opening a mini lab in the future but also wondering about the chemical differences between C41 and C41RA.

Most mini labs in my country seem to offer C41RA services using Noritsu film processors such as V30,V50 etc.

It looks like they are having no problem using old film processors from Noritsu if it can be cleaned and maintained well.

I'm also interested in new C41 film processors from Colenta but I haven't been able to find any users or information regarding their products.

It looks like C41 processing time is almost double that of the C41RA.

May I ask you if this means the output quality from C41 is better than C41RA?

I also would like to ask if there are other benefits using C41 processors.

I heard that C41 is better than C41RA for preventing films from deteriorating but I was told that most consumers in our country don't even take their film back when the processing is finished.

Thank you



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