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QSS32 error 6135-0001


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I have error 6135-0001 Arm unit 1 operation error on QSS 3201 minilab.
I was check ziggzaging sensors on paper supply unit and one is light, the other is dark. When I switched them between, it is the same. Also only left change status if I put paper between receiver and transmitter. 
Problem is SE13. On LED PCB is 1V, on connector J/P 385 (pin 7,8 and 10,11) are 5V. 
On Paper Sensor LED Light Intensity value screen all sensors have status OK, only Zigzagging vorrection sensor  (Right) is - .
My opinion is, that problem is PRINTER CONTROL PCB J390947. 
Do you have any suggestion? Thank you
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J/P385 should be :
pin 7 - 5V
pin 8 - level depends on LED intensity settings
pin 10 - ground
pin 11 - 5V
pin 12 - sensor output

If you on pin 10 really have 5 V then somewhere is broken wire. Pin 10 on board is connected to ground, so there can't be 5V.

If you have 0 V then check zigzagging correction sensor  (Right) settings on Maintenance → Various Adjustment → Printer Mechanical Adjustment → Paper Sensor Adjustment.

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