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Help P2RA Replenishment solution Error


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After 2 hrs of printing this error keeps coming up and eventually leads to predetermined process amount error which I fixed then sometime later this same error appears again

going in circles 

help pls



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How to check?

Fuji Lp7700

Current Pump Output Amount Settings

P1r 57ml

P2ra 57ml

P2rb 57ml

Psr 108 ml


Standard Replenishment amount settings

p1r 45 ml/m2

p2ra 17.5 ml/m2

p2rb 17.5 ml/m2

psr 215 ml/m2


Pump Output Amount Measurement?

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If will have error again then clean all replenishment tank sensors. Also calibrate all replenishment pumps. After that error will not return.

When sensors are dirty tank is empty but software do not see it. It is typical fault.

When some replenishment pumps doesn't work properely, or they are not callibrated on software tank should be empty, but chemicals stilll are there.

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