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30” large format machines

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Hace 23 horas, Ken O dijo:

Hola amigos, ¿qué máquinas de gran formato de 30 " son las mejores y muy económicas de usar?

Tengo Noritsu 31-01 digital.. pero necesito las máquinas que imprimirán papeles de 20" y 30"


large format machines can be noritsu 32xx, 35xx, 37xx, 38xx, 39xx
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Noritsu LPS-24 Pro  can print up to 24 inches wide paper      Parts discontinued since March, 2021

ZBE Chromira 30" Printer          www.zbe.com

POLIELETTRONICA 30" Pinter & paper processor        www.polielettronica.it      under production


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On 3/20/2022 at 2:00 AM, Ken O said:

Hi folks , which 30” large format  machines are best and very economical to use ?  

I have Noritsu 31-01 digital.. but I need  the machines that will print 20” and 30 “ papers 

thank you 

Please look for Zbe Chromira 30" Selab



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