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fujifilm de100, epson d1070,dnp ds620


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I would lean towards the Epson SL-D1070 but really depends on the intended use. The DNP uses inferior dye sub process which results in ok but not stunning prints. although these vare usually very hardy & reliable printers and also very compact & portable.

The DE100 is a Ricoh/Fuji colaboration and uses only 4 inks, so print quality is restricted. These have not proven popular and I've seen customers remove these from their stores & replace with Epson SL-D700/860 printers for the better.

The SL-D1070 (if you can puchase one) is a second generation of Epson SureLab. The pre-production unit I had for a week had what looked like a superior print head & carraige design compared to previous models. It does duplex printing (double sided) and now has built in ethernet port. I didn't like the media spindle in comparison to the earier model design and found the built in display to be very small and the menus rather fiddly.

That said it has 6 inks as always but now with a larger pouch design. Latest print head tech and is listed with a 400,000 print life expectancy. Being a very new printer it's reliability really isn't proven yet so can't predict the future but it worked flawlessly in my testing.

I'm yet to see any of these vailable for purchase as yet so please do let me know if you see any of the SL-D1000 series available for purchase. Cheers.

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