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Noritsu 3300

Chris Chapman

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Hi. I am looking for some help regards my Noritsu 3300 printer.

I noticed the colour of the prints were going to a  green cast in the afternoon . I do the daily setup every morning, but by the afternoon the

colour shift can be up to 1.3 green. I have changed all the AOMs for new ones, but it has not solved the problem.

I know it is possible it could be the green laser failing. The one thing I did notice was in each AOM there is a small fan.

They do not appear to be running constantly. They all start then all stop a few seconds later ,then start again. This pulsing of the fans

repeats every 6 seconds. Could anyone tell me if this is normal or is there a power supply issue to all the fans?

This may cause the AOMs not to be kept at a constant temperture causing a colour shift.

Many thanks with any advice.Much appreciated.


Spectrum Photo Lab Ltd UK

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Please contact me in PM to receive the detailed information how to check the laser module condition.
I do not want to place it here for public access because it is easy to have it burnt due to the non-qualified actions.

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6 hours ago, Chris Chapman said:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. They are new ones from China. Would they cycle on and off every 5 or 6 seconds?

Each AOM model is a bit different, there is no set fan cycle duration.

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strange enough , experiencing same problem, morning startup ok before switching off in miday i have yellowish GREEN cast   switching off again 4 hours later even 2 Keys of Green cast, tried laser diagnostic ...no error all ok ...laser temp ok  stable, any similar experience? tks

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The laser diagnostic test is not particularly helpful in cases of colour instability.

In most cases the problem is caused by a bad AOM driver, the easiest way to test it is to swap the AOM with a different colour.

For example prints are going green, so swap the green AOM with the red AOM, do a few daily setups and monitor the situation. If you now start to get red prints you will know the AOM is the problem.

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Which colour did you swap?
After how long does it start to shift colour?

If you do a daily setup after it has shifted, what is the correction it gives you?

Are the AOM drivers genuine Noritsu parts?

By the way it is no problem to do multiple daily setups during the day in order to correct for the colour drift.

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all parts are geniune, the AOMS where replaced approx 1 1/2 year ago (from the supplier of the Blue laser if you recall) green and red, as mentioned work load is limited , replishment is good, this morning no shifting of colours noticable , now i will restart the machine late in the afternoon and see , as usually the coulour shift starts after 2 hours machine is ON.. tks really appreciate your prompt reply..tks    +1   and +2 correction

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