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Noritsu DSA Settings


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Hi all,

I've been scanning my negatives with a Noritsu S2 Scanner that is connected to a CS1 Minilab. Previous to that I was getting my scans done by a lab who used a Fuji Frontier Sp3000. I'm working on a project and noticing quite a difference in the colours I'm getting from my scans (as you can imagine). I'm wanting to get that pastely airy frontier look from my S2 scanner, because it's the look I favour and it means I can keep my project cohesive. Any tips for settings in the Noritsu DSA or other settings? I've also read about the S5 professional colour correction software in a different thread, I'm guessing that's only for Fujifilm equipment. Is there a Noritsu equivalent?  

Thanks in advance,


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Only you know what the "pastely airy frontier" look actually means! Maybe share a link to some scans from the Fronter and Noritsu so it is easier to understand what you are wanting to achieve.

Try to experiment with different DSA settings, maybe increasing the Chroma will get it closer to the look you are after.

At the end of the day the Fuji and Noritsu scanners work in completely different ways, each has a different look and feel, it just isn't possible to make them match.

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