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QSS 3202 Circulation Pump Problem


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It's unlikely for the pump to start generating more circulation than usual, The pump is run from 24V this voltage does not change.

When the CD gets oxidised it will start to foam up.

If your CD has gone dark/ black you will need to dump it and make a fresh tank mix.

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I have seen this happen. The reason was that the upper level floater had stuck in hi position. The upper level sensor in DEV process tank control the water pump that compensate for water evaporation from the DEV processtank. If the level sink about 10 mm there are a "jet stream" of DEV from the left upper side of the rack that, I guess, is supposed to remove bubbles from the surface of the paper. When the level in the tank sink that stream start to produce foam in the DEV process tank. Typically there are bubbles /foam in the morning (uncompensated evaporation during the night) that disappear as soon You start the production and the replish fill the DEV process tank again. 


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