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Calibration plate


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Can use this part number, but usually callibration plate with numbers Z021441, Z028442, Z028443 was plastic. Now better to use ceramic calibration plates. The latest ceramic plate part number - Z028443 . Z028443 is supplied with CD. To load on QSS3501 need copy .dat file from CD to any floppy.

Cerramic and plastic plates have slightly different shape. On plastic is cut off one corner. Ceramic plates have two notches and small hole. Plates are exchangable so can use any of them. Noritsu recommends to change plastic plate each two years. Ceramic plates - do not need to change.

Callibration plates can be original ( from Noritsu ) and not original ( made in China ) . Some Chinease sellers sell not oriuginal plates and do not inform buyers about that.


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